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About This Page

This is an attempt to simplify the task of sharing recipes with friends and family. We maintain our recipe file on a wonderful app called Paprika. It contains an integrated web browser with the ability to capture and format recipes found on the web.

On the right are links to a Paprika recipe files that can be loaded directly into the app. There are files containing the entire recipe collection, and some that contain only recipes in selected categories. Note that there are many more categories in the full file that presented individually here.

Update files will load only new recipes since the previous update. These contain recipes from the entire collection. I have not yet figured out a way to generate update files for a single category.

As of Update 3, posted on December 2, 2019 there are 733 recipes in the full collection. Recipes added after that will appear in future updates.

Web Preview

You can preview any of the recipes in a web browser. You can also download single recipes from the preview pages using the in-app browser in Paprika.

Paprika Files
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